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We would like to thank our corporate partners and sponsors for their continued support.

  • Palm Springs Unified School District
  • The Anderson Children's Foundation
  • NBCUniversal
  • The City of Palm Springs
  • The Goodwin Memorial Trust
  • The Grace Helen Spearman Charitable Foundation
  • Newman's Own Foundation
  • Palm Springs Disposal Services & Desert Valley Disposal
  • Pass it On to Kids Foundation

In addition we would like to take this special opportunity to thank our DIGICOM Partners. These generous individual members of the community or smaller organizations have made a special contribution or donation to our programs and activities.  They are listed below.  Thank you all!

Larry Fulton and David Vogel

Mark Hamilton 

Vista Las Palmas Neighborhood Group

Geoff Kors & James Williamson

Patty and Arthur Newman

Jim Cunningham

Steve Tobin

Jim Houston

Jackie Autry

Harold Matzner

Dimitri Bakakos and Pjetur Sigurdon

Nevin A. Dolcefino

J. Douglas Donenfeld

Dwight Joyner & Jay Baumgartner

Anne & Matthew Golden

First Republic Bank

Cookie Miller

The Carole and Mike Miller Foundation

The Desert Sun

Eileen and Marv Stern

Ken Kuchin and Tyler Morgan

Dave Locke & Keith Markovitz

Nikki Stone and Chris Anderson

Trio Restaurant

Tony Marchese

Mark Van Laanen

Palm Springs Women in Film

After Daba and Hilton Hotel & Conference Center

Barbara and Bernie Cain

Don and Linda Perry

Suzy and Bennett Katz

Barbara Tulliver & Brett Schwartz

Daniell Cornell

Media Magic

Palm Springs Convention Center

Palm Springs Cultural Center

Camelot Theatres

PSAV - Palm Springs Audio Visual

Rio Azul Mexican Bar & Grill


Patty Delgado and Las Casuelas Terraza

Justin Blake

Mark Brase and John Mullen

Christine Anderson

Lorri and Cameron McCune

Diane and David Waldman

Curtis Scott and Paul Perrotta

Darrell Tucci

Donna MacMillan

David Lee

Judy Gordon & Larry Bridgman

Lee Grafton & Greg Gaskill

Lenora Hume

The Mary Sweeney Trust

Rick Lord & Skip Schipper

Shari and Marc Stewart

Steve and Lyn Tesler

Terri & Bart Ketover

Dave Towe and Warm Water Alchemy

Gayle Hodges

Frank & Stern, Inc.

Ivan Schwatzman

Hugh Glenn

Kathy and William Bush

Karen and Richard Moran

Aaron Creurer and Fred Ross

Christine Clausen

Dale Lamson and Rondle West

Fred and Priscilla Ostrowski

Ginny Foat

Jacke and Terry Green

Jean Tello

Laurence Gelman

John Renner

Larry and Lillian Postaer

Leo and Cyman Cohen

Patricia Mendel Hubbard

Richard Hajek

Robert Van Roo

Sanghui Wimbiscus

Ellen Goodman

Mel and Connie Abert

William Huff and Gerald Levin

Diana Grace

Ernie Rios

Rabbi Sally Olins

Christine Hammond & Sylvia Zelyns

Cynthia Ryder

Daniel and Diana LaMar

David Wolfe

Ann Batogowski

Eve Fromberg Edelstein

Joanne Tyler

Kelly Cureton

Kenneth and Andrea Lee

Leigh Gernert

Mark and Alexis Acker

Rick Hutcheson and Rob Kincaid

Ron Lee

Sarah and Leo Milmet

Teddy Grouya

Terry Haikara

Terry Nelson

Rita Vogel

Dawn Stark

Maxine Marcelin

John Gerardi

John Jackson

Mary Propeck

Melissa Perry

Sylvia and Frank Furino

Eileen Fitzpatrick

Linda McAllister

Tamara Hodges

Coleen and Edward Weum

Sylvia Trapuzzano

Wil Stiles

My Little Flower Shop

Jake's Restaurant

The Ace Hotel

J Russell! The Salon

Diane Kline Exclusives

Stacy Jacob Photography

Skinn Cosmetics and Dimitri James

Miro's Restaurant

Fox's Seattle

Benton Lane Winery

Peace, Love, Yoga Studio

LULU California Bistro

Center for Spritutal Living Palm Desert

Simi Dabah

Dwight Polen

Bill and Leslie Frank

Sandra Ostroff

Sammy's Place

Jensen's Finest Foods

Garrison Fox

Patrick Kocian

Pilates Plus

Philip Ferranti

Cathy Rogers

Chuck Conine 

Madison Offenhauser and Hobie Scheeder

King Bee Partners

Anne Osberg and Clyde Moravec

Gerry Rubin

Serge and Anna Doroshin

Laura Burns

Karen and Chris Haines

Rotary Sun_Up

Henry Hampton and Kristin Blooner

Andrea and Kenneth Lee

Melissa Morgan

Stephen Nicholas and Sally Benson

Barrett Porter

Sherman Tam

Michael Childers


Steven Horn

Mark Marshall and Barry Dayton

Fred Ross and Aaron Cruerer

Sue Rappaport

Ken Reffsin

Alpha Delta Kappa

James Gazan

Paul Glass

Henry and Camille Hampton

Helen Louise Hampton

Rick Hutcheson and Rob Kincaid

Charles and Kathy McKirdy

William and Ann Riley

Scott Schroeder

David Suss

Rick Villa and Ken Lyon

Eileen and Brian Snedeker

I.R. and S.C. Good

Lorra Rudman


Thank you to all of our supporters!