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DIGICOM Film Festival

DIGICOM Student and Teacher Film Festival is an annual showcase of the best student videos created from grades K-12. In the past seven years, DIGICOM Film Festival participants have seen their films recognized internationally, changed the image of an entire community, and brought awareness to such far-reaching issues as immigration, equality, sustainability and health and wellness. DIGICOM Film Festival has changed students’ lives.

The annual attendance at the DIGICOM Film Festival has reached over 1,000 a year and the quality and number of the video submissions has dramatically increased each year.  In 2016, to enable the student and teacher work to be more widely recognized, an Elementary Film Festival and a “trendy” high school student short narrative film festival – DIGICOM X – was added and enthusiastically embraced by the community-at-large.

Supported with grants, a fundraiser hosted by our DIGICOM Community Auxiliary, and the generous donations from our DIGICOM Commmunity Partners, we were able to provide over $20,000 in scholarships to young filmmakers, plus substantial awards to be used for equipment in classrooms and advanced training in filmmaking for students and teachers.

DIGICOM was incredibly proud to receive a letter of recognition from the Office of the President at the White House commending the DIGICOM students, teachers, and community for empowering youth through digital filmmaking.  To access the White House Letter, click on the image.

The annual 2017 DIGICOM Student and Teacher Film Festival will be held Friday, May 19, 2017, 6:30-8:30 pm, at the Palm Springs High School Auditorium.  Dates and locations for DIGICOM X and Elementary Film Festivals to be announced.

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