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From Vogel and Cook to Lansing and Freston, power players learn to reinvent themselves

ls there life after Hollywood?

Talk to the select few holding top power jobs at studios or networks and they'll readily admit they're high-paid temps. They know their tenure will be short; their "bye bye" packages, however, will be a lot more generous than those of other temps.

So what happens next? I was thinking about this last week as I talked with David Vogel, who made a brave choice 10 years ago at age 51 when he was relieved of his responsibilities as the top production executive at Disney. He actually decided to quit Hollywood and do some good in the world.

I encountered Vogel as he was presiding over a film festival -- well, not the usual kind. Vogel, who is a city commissioner of Palm Springs, runs an innovative program in digital literacy for that area's schools and the festival gives scores of kids a chance to run their videos. Their visual works reinforced the point that even though kids may not be talented at reading books or writing, they have a great deal to communicate via cameras and computers.

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