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On Wednesday, May 25, Della S. Lindley (DSL) Elementary School organized their very own DIGICOM Film Festival.  The event, was the FIRST DIGICOM Film Festival to be produced entirely by an Elementary School! 
The young DSL filmmakers, their families, and teachers celebrated by enjoying a variety of student-created films created by   K - 5th graders. The films were screened at the Helen Galen Performing Arts Center at Rancho Mirage High School (RMHS). The students walked the red carpet, posed for paparazzi, and received awards for their accomplishments.
Principal, Simone Kovats, was applauded for being a risk-taker and a hero to her students and teachers.  Embracing the value of digital storytelling and recognizing the efforts of her students and staff, Principal Kovats, said, "What a wonderful evening we had celebrating and recognizing our students and their teachers' digital storytelling. It was rewarding, as well as inspiring to see our school community come together in such a positive way."
DSL teachers Georgia Terlaje and Ricardo Flores were great hosts for the festivities!
The organizer of the event, Della Lindley teacher Georgia
Terlaje, reflected on the importance of the screening. "The students make these films, watch them in their classroom, and maybe a few other classes view them along the way.  But, to see the films in a beautiful theater filled with family, friends and teachers is a whole other level [of recognition]."
DIGICOM's Elementary Film Festival Producer, Donielle Gerrell, was both a former student of Della Lindley and a former student of Mrs. Terlaje. Donielle enthused, "Since I went to DSL, it's pretty amazing to see what students are now doing in classes! The students from elementary schools are excited to learn and this festival was just the tip of what they are capable of. I couldn't be more proud of all of the students and teachers!"
Festival guests were greeted by a live DJ, crafts, a Photo Booth and other activities to highlight storytelling and creativity, all organized by Della Lindley teachers, students & their parents.
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In addition to our regular June workshops for DIGICOM teachers and students, we are adding an extra week, June 20 - 24 to include teachers from across Riverside County. Teachers from Desert Sands, Desert Center, Beaumont, Corona-Norco and Hemet School Districts will be joining us for the FIRST Riverside County DIGICOM Workshop Series.  
During the week of June 13-17, we are looking forward to welcoming 30 new teachers in our Digital Storytelling Beginners Course and 75 returning DIGICOM teachers. Our returning DIGICOM teachers will attend customized workshops: Cinematic Production, Applied Digital Storytelling, and Curriculum Integration.

During the same week, 20 high school student filmmakers from across Palm Springs Unified School District (PSUSD) will attend a week-long Screenwriting workshop taught by Ruth Atkinson, a Los Angeles-based script consultant and story editor with over 20 years of experience in the film/television industry. The students will be introduced to the world of screenwriting by exploring narrative structure, format, visual  storytelling, development of story and the authentic voice of the author. 


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We are proud to report that on May 25th, the PSUSD Board of Education and Cathedral City High School (CCHS) unveiled the new name of the building that is home of the Digital Arts and Technology Academy (DATA).  "In honor of community member and DIGICOM CEO & Co-Founder David Vogel for his extensive donation of time, talent and resources to DATA, the 700 building was named the David Vogel Digital Literacy Building," proclaimed PSUSD Board President, Shari Stewart.
David started volunteering in Matt Hamilton's DATA Video Production classrooms at Cathedral City High School in 2008; the same year that DIGICOM was founded. Working with students on a daily basis, he shared his vast expertise, working with the best filmmakers in Hollywood as the President of Disney's Buena Vista Pictures, with the students.  Hamilton, now retired from the classroom, stated, "When David walked in and asked it he could help out, it was like having Michael Jordan ask if he could come and shoot some hoops with us.  My answer was YES!" Since that fateful day, David has continued to visit the DATA classroom, as well as other classrooms across the district, coaching and mentoring students as they work to learn the art of creating and producing meaningful digital stories. 
David showing how tall Jebari Wooten was when he met him.
Today, with David's leadership and vision, DIGICOM now impacts thousands of students throughout PSUSD. Over 25% of the teachers in PSUSD have received intensive DIGICOM Digital Storytelling training and are implementing the practice in their classrooms.  
Jebari Wooten, CCHS Junior, spoke movingly about the positive influence Vogel has had on his life since the 6th grade. "Mr. Vogel has had a huge influence on my life and what I want to do with it. He genuinely deserves this honor."  

"[David has] incredible amounts of dedication and love for the kids, and that's why we are honoring him today. He's a very special man." said District Superintendent, Dr. Christine Anderson.

BRAVO David!!
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On June 16, 2016 at 6:30 PM in the Camelot Theatre in Palm Springs DIGICOM will be hosting the very first annual DIGICOM X High School Narrative Film Festival.  The festival is being presented in association with the Palm Springs Cultural Center.

DIGICOM X is a new branch of DIGICOM which showcases and supports narrative high school filmmakers from across the Coachella Valley. For over 9 years, DIGICOM has been educating, supporting and celebrating student filmmakers at the annual DIGICOM Film Festival. The Festival has grown by leaps and bounds, with the 2016 edition hosting 1,200 seats at The Palm Springs Convention Center.  Thanks to the resounding success of DIGICOM and the growing number of high school students with a passion for narrative fiction filmmaking, the DIGICOM Film Festival is expanding with a new annual event - DIGICOM X. 

The 2016 DIGICOM X Film Festival will screen a wide variety of films, from film noir thrillers to comedic claymation vegetable warfare. This year, all films come from the Palm Springs Unified School District; but next year, the festival will be open to high schools from the entire Coachella Valley.  A select few future Spielbergs will receive awards for excellence in traditional award categories, such as Best Writer, Best Director, Best Picture, etc. The event seating will be first come first serve and is FREE.

DIGICOM X will feature live entertainment from DJ Alf Alpha (a Coachella Music Festival performer) and DTension (a band composed of 14 year olds whom have performed at
Stagecoach 2016). While the event will begin and end with live music, the real entertainment comes from the stories brought
to life by our valley students.

"For nearly a decade, DIGICOM has been active in Palm Springs' classrooms encouraging and coaching young people to raise their voices and tell their stories. DIGICOM X is just the beginning of an exciting year of growth and outreach to young filmmakers throughout the Coachella Valley. New festivals, new teachers and new voices. Welcome to DIGICOM X"   - David Vogel, CEO

To watch the DIGICOM X High School Narrative Film Festival Trailer, visit the link:

With the introduction of DIGICOM X, DIGICOM welcomes a new faculty member, Ruth Atkinson, a screenwriting advisor and story editor for Project Involve, Film Independent's (FIND) signature diversity program. Ruth will be teaching script writing classes hosted by
DIGICOM and presenting in classrooms throughout the school year. DIGICOM X will be hosted by Ruth, and DIGICOM's Max Finneran and Tim Lentz. Max is a MFA graduate film maker from NYU and Tim is a graduate of the DIGICOM Program. 

For more information on DIGICOM please visit our website at or our DIGICOM Facebook page at

To learn more about DIGICOM X, please visit our Facebook event


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It was a triumphant night at the 2016 DIGICOM Film Festival! The community came together in force to celebrate the movies made by the students and teachers in Palm Springs Unified School District's (PSUSD) classrooms this year and to applaud the awarding of $27,000 worth of classroom grants and scholarships!
It was an evening where creativity and storytelling were the focus. Films ranged from a Star Wars parody, to human rights issues, to celebrations of love and family.  There were favorites for everyone.   
The big news of the night was the announcement of not one, but two new DIGICOM Film Festival events. The DIGICOM-X High School Narrative+ Film Festival being presented June 16 at the Camelot Theater and the launch of the first DIGICOM Elementary School Film Festival coming May 25 from Della Lindley Elementary School!
Della Lindley_s Film Festival_ May 25_ 5 - 7 pm at Rancho Mirage HS Theatre
Della Lindley's FIRST DIGICOM Elementary Film Festival will be May 25, 5-7 pm at the Rancho Mirage HS Theatre
If you missed the fun at the Convention Center you can screen all the films featured at the festival in their entirety any time at the  DIGICOM You Tube Channel.


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Meet Our Newest Faculty Member!

DIGICOM is proud to welcome Ruth Atkinson, a Los Angeles-based script consultant and story editor with over 20 years of experience in the film/television business as our newest Adjunct Faculty member. Ruth will be leading the Student Screenwriting Workshop this Summer. 
Ruth is a story analyst for the Sundance Institute's Feature Film Screenwriting and Directing Lab and Screen Queensland in Australia. She is also a story advisor for Film Independent's (FIND) Director's Lab as well as Project Involve FIND's signature diversity program, where she helps develop short film scripts which are produced and showcased at the Los Angeles Film Festival.
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