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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 00:00

Refresh Your Holiday Movie List

We know it's always nice to have something fresh to watch after all those re-runs of A Christmas Story and It's a Wonderful Life, so what better time to check out ournew DIGICOM YOUTUBE Channel than over the holidays! 

Celebrate the season with the gift of our students' creativity by visiting DIGICOM's YouTube channel and sharing it with family and friends. For those family members who don't quite get what we all do together, point them towards our new video: What is DIGICOM?

While you are there, make sure you SUBSCRIBE to join our online video community and receive the latest content throughout the year.  Ask your family and friends to subscribe, too. It's the gift that will just keep on giving!
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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 00:00

12 Days of Holiday Home Movie Tips

  1. Get Establishing Shots - Before you start filming specific events, grab a few establishing shots to set the scene. This can be either be a wide shot of the entire house or a medium shot of the front door to bring your audience right into your story.
  2. Start Rolling Before And After The Big Things Happen - The anticipation leading up to any big event and the expressions after is always a memorable one - the sparkle in a kid's eyes before their present is handed to them, the rubbing of hands in excitement as the Christmas tree is lit up, and the "oohs" and "aahs" at the lights.
  3. Film Good B-Roll - Capturing quality B-roll is important for the editing process, so try to film as much B-roll as you can get. Record the preparation of the food, the Christmas tree with all the decorations and presents, the "wreckage" of all the ripped up wrapping paper all over the house or find those quiet moments before it all begins.
  4. Collect stories - Ask your family members to share their images or special artifacts that tell of stories from Holidays past.
  5. Create a Storyline - Connect the generations of your family's holiday traditions with the voice of a documentary narrator, or construct the story arc with the beginning, middle and end of your celebration, vacation or one special day during your break.
  6. Mix Up The Action With Unconventional Perspectives - Vary your angles and try to shoot from every subject's point of view. For example, if you're going to record little children or pets running around, get down to their level. This provides a personal view into how everyone in your family is involved.
  7. Avoid Shooting in a "Phone Booth" - Shoot on the side so the image is wide. Don't forget to always shoot video in "landscape mode" on your mobile device so when played back your video will fill a horizontal screen.
  8. Ditch the Zoom! - Nothing is harder on the eyes than video that zooms or moves too fast especially in the close quarters of a living room on Christmas morning. Mobile devices are small, light and very sensitive to sudden movements so keep your shots short and your movements slow and deliberate.
  9. Get Close! - Use close up shots of your loved ones.  It will help capture and create more intimate moments.
  10. Capture the Music and Sounds of the Season - Caroling, conversations, and the general soundscape of the season can add a special depth to your stories. Use them for the soundtrack to give your story a sense of place and mood.
  11. Keep Steady - Tripods are a sure fire way to capture good steady video of parties, celebrations and special moments together.  Make your body a tripod by standing with your legs wide and elbows in or lean against a wall. Or, you could even invest in a mini-tripod for your smartphone.
  12. Have Fun! - Step out from behind the camera and be a part of your Family's Holiday Story. You will be glad you did years from now.


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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 00:00

DIGICOM's "My Holiday Story" Video Challenge!

Keep your video production skills sharp during the Holiday break, make lifelong memories and win an $150 Gift Card in DIGICOM's "My Holiday Story" Video Challenge!


We want you to show and tell us your family stories, traditions and holiday fun in a 1-3 minute video shot on your mobile device during holiday break.  The winner that produces the best Holiday Family Fun Video will receive a Gift Card valued at $150!  Students and teachers across Palm Springs Unified School District are invited to participate.


  • Create a video that tells the story of your family's holiday dream trip, day trip, side trip or stay-caction.
  • The Grand Prize Winner will receive a gift card valued at $150. We will announce the winner in the February DIGICOM Newsletter.

To make the most of shooting, editing and telling your Family Holiday Story, check out the list of our 12 Days of Holiday Home Movie Tips by clicking here.

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Don't you just love it when students produce great work and enjoy doing it!  That is what we saw when we walked into Georgia Terlaje's classroom at Della S. Lindley (DSL) Elementary School. Here you will see fifth grade students from across DSL actively engaged with each other, working as a team to create the DSL Engineer Report - the school's bi-weekly video news broadcast. 

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