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Monday, 06 February 2017 00:00

Students Meet Over Winter Break for Screenwriting Workshop

Written by DIGICOM Productions
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Instead of playing video games and hanging out at the mall twelve teenagers spent the last few days of their winter break watching short films, reading scripts and learning about cinematic storytelling with DIGICOM Adjunct Faculty member and LA Screenwriting teacher, Ruth Atkinson. Ruth brought a wealth of life experience and a curriculum that ranged from character description to genre, point of view and structure. Students started brainstorming story ideas which culminated in them writing a script of their own.

One student's musings about the deeper meaning of life led to a short script about two teens who go from library to library looking for the answer to life's hardest question. Another student, inspired by their favorite song, wrote a script about a man considering rekindling an old romance all without dialogue. Still another student turned their experience of being stranded after school one afternoon into the main source of conflict in a story about a teen who is on a quest to have a good day. 
We had stories about a couple struggling to save their marriage while dealing with a recent cancer diagnosis, a rebellion led by a young heroine in a dystopian future, a group of office workers who rally to ensure a beloved colleague's legacy is not forgotten, and a fantasy script about Agent Star who has come to earth to grant a student's wish upon a star," Ruth stated.

"I was honored to work with these gifted and talented storytellers and am excited to see where their writing takes them (as long as it doesn't take them back to the mall!)"
The Student Screenwriter's Workshop was funded by a grant from the Anderson Children's Foundation.
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