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Palm Springs Unified School District presents the DIGICOM Film Festival

Highlights from previous festivals...


  • I Am Beautiful

    I Am Beautiful

    A 13 year old confronts self-esteem issues.
  • Dear Time

    Dear Time

    A beautiful visual poem exploring the meaning of time.
  • Mi Abuelo Fue Bracero

    Mi Abuelo Fue Bracero

    An account of the history and struggles of the Bracero movement
  • Who's Right

    Who's Right

    Does a monkey have a right to own the pictures he's taken?
  • Beauty in the City

    Beauty in the City

    A student appreciates the beauty of his city, Desert Hot Springs
  • Eyewitness to Segregation

    Eyewitness to Segregation

    Mrs. Black, a retired teacher, retells the history of the racial divisions she faced.
  • Persuade Me

    Persuade Me

    Teacher Nancy Blair created this video as an example project for her students.

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Engaging our youth with opportunities to build their life skills for success in the 21st Century is DIGICOM’s mission.

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The California School Boards Association has awarded the Golden Bell to DIGICOM as an outstanding, innovative program and an exemplary model that makes a difference in the lives of students.


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