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Palm Springs Unified School District presents the DIGICOM Film Festival - Tuesday, May 3, 2016, Palm Springs High School


Highlights from previous festivals...


  • Lost Ships - The Making of the Movie

    Lost Ships: The Making of the Movie

    A behind the scenes look at the making of Lost Ships, a DIGICOM sponsored middle school short film.
  • Love Between Colors

    Love Between Colors

    An allegorical video in which a world of crayons expresses important truths about our own world.
  • Like Tomatoes

    Like Tomatoes

    Students share their appreciation of art as they create an art mural
  • Like Tomatoes


    A student’s personal story of regret
  • Life as an Action Hero

    Life as an Action Hero

    An action hero wins the day in this short action film
  • Bernard


    A 50’s style film noir detective story
  • Chalk Art

    Chalk Art

    The documentary captures the creative energy of a community fundraiser
  • Bullying


    A DIGICOM montage created from 25 videos produced by K-12 students.

Mission Statement

DIGICOM'S primary mission is to provide opportunities for students to achieve academic excellence, acquire interpersonal skills, develop technological expertise, and become responsible, productive citizens through digital filmmaking.


The California School Boards Association has awarded the Golden Bell to DIGICOM as an outstanding, innovative program and an exemplary model that makes a difference in the lives of students.


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